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Trans-Siberain Railway

Trans-Siberain Railway – is the longest railroad in the world, traversing the whole of Russia and serving as a special tourist route via a special Trans-Siberian Express train, which travels among mountains, beautiful meadows and valleys, boundless taiga, and along the deepest lake in the world - Lake Baikal

The Trans-Siberian Railway is a rail track connecting the European part of Russia with its middle (Siberia) and eastern (Far East) regions. The construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway started in 1891, when the future emperor Nikolai I, made the solemn laying of the first link of the Great Siberian Road near Vladivostok. The road had been being built for 25 years. 500-700 kilometers of the road had been constructed annually. The main reason was to improve the transport accessibility of Siberia and the Far East, and at the same time to unite the main industrial cities into a single economic zone. In 1904, Scientific American magazine called the Trans-Siberian Railway the most outstanding technical achievement of the turn of the century. It is included in the Guinness Book of Records for the total length 9288,2 km, the number of stations and the pace of construction.


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