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Holidays and events

It’s more popular holiday in Russia because of the fact that New Year is followed by holidays – 9 or 10 days off.

Traditionally, the New Year is a family holiday, which is usually spent at home, but some Russians see it on the city’s main square (this is where all the fun usually focuses).

Christmas tree is the main symbol in every home. It’s richly decorated with shiny toys, garlands and lanterns. City squares decorated by the huge Christmas trees. Christmas illuminations in Russian cities are impressive: trees and houses are decorated with garlands of colored lights, sometimes creating luminous figures or messages. All this allows us to get in the holiday mood perfectly and take memorable photos. Decoration of houses and streets starts in the middle of December.

“Ded Moroz” (Grandfather Frost) brings presents to children. He is always accompanied by his Grandaughter (Snegurochka), a cheerful and intelligent girl. On New Year's eve children hold hands, make a circle around the Christmas tree and call for Snegurochka or Ded Moroz. When they appear the star and other lights on the Christmas tree light up! Ded Moroz carries a big magic staff. The traditional greeting for Happy New Year is 'S Novym Godom'.

Salad “Olivier” of boiled potatoes, meat or ham with boiled carrots, onions and pickles, became a “hit” on the New Year’s table. 

10 minutes before midnight Russians watch on TV the pre-New Year address by the President.
After this, all the channels show the Chimes – the clock on the Spasskaya Tower of the Moscow Kremlin. First, they play a solemn melody (at that time, to triumphant cheers, a bottle of champagne is usually open and poured out by the glass), and then midnight strikes. Everyone congratulate with words: “Happy New Year, with renewed happiness!


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