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Holidays and events

Every year on November 7 in Russia is a memorable date -the holiday marks the Great October Socialist Revolution that began on this day in 1917.

During the period of the Soviet Union, November 7th was a public holiday across the union and was one of the biggest state celebrations of the year.

On 7 November 1941, when the advancing Nazi troops were already near Moscow, despite the difficult conditions, on Red Square a parade was held to mark the anniversary of the Great October Revolution. Having crossed Red Square, some regiments went straight to the front. At this parade, I.V. Stalin gave a historic speech, in which he expressed his confidence in the victory of the Soviet Union. The parade of 7 November raised the war morale of the Soviet people to incredible heights and inspired them to fight to the end.

Today, on 7 November, Red Square hosts a memorial military parade, while in many other cities there is a solemn march.


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