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Fresh Primorskiy mussels are unique in taste and structure. Restaurateurs assure us that these mussels contain more iodine and mineral salts due to the makeup of the local sea water, and their taste win over the most demanding gourmets. Primorskiy clams are at their best in May; while the mussel is preparing to spawn, gaining weight and maximum quantities of useful elements, is the prime time to put the delicacy on the table. A portion of mussels during festival season guarantees a significant dose of B vitamins, trace elements, minerals, and amino acids along with incredible gustatory pleasure.

Not many people know that a facility for breeding valuable mollusks is successfully operating in Vladivostok. Production is located in a picturesque bay of Russian Island where fresh mussels are selected and sent directly to chefs.

So many magnificent ways they can be prepared. In delicate butter and fragrant sauces, mussels are great on their own and are perfect combined with rice, pasta, or vegetables; some masters even manage to create desserts with them. Festival organizers do not limit the chef’s imagination.


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