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Holidays and events

Maslenitsa is one of the most enjoyable and entertaining holidays of the Russian people. Also known as ‘pancake week’. The traditional Russian festivity is famous for its blini (pancakes) with many fillings and toppings, from sour cream to caviar, to salmon and all things sweet. Pancakes symbolize the sun in Russian cuisine.

Maslenitsa contains both pagan and Christian traditions and is celebrated in the last week before Great Lent, or the seventh week before Eastern Orthodox Easter.  .

Maslenitsa symbolizes the beginning of spring, and a farewell to winter. One of the rituals is the burning of effigies symbolizing winter.

Maslenitsa festivities take place on the city squares: actors dress up in folk costumes; artists perform comic fights, circle dances, folk songs and games.

Each year the dates are different and it is best to check the calendar of Russian holidays for the current year.


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